Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Mexican Feast and Pinata Cake!

It was the Wee Dude's 9th (how did he get to 9 so fast?) birthday last week and following the form of my recent posts I'll do a quick summary!

It was a roasting hot day and he chose to have a Mexican feast as birthday food, with just a few family and family friends as guests. The Mexican theme of the food and his request for a 'surprise' cake meant that I decided to give a Pinata cake a go!

The Birthday Boy!

Some of the Mexican feast.

Ready to decorate

Surprisingly this didn't melt in the 30c heat!

The Wee Dude loved his Pinata cake!!

The Wee Dude chose his present today :) 

I'll be back soon with pictures of the tank all set up - already the Wee Dude has lots of ideas (more fitting to a 50ft tank though, we may need to downsize his plans a bit!!). x

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